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Thread: tying supplies

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    Default tying supplies

    What is a good company to buy tying supplies from online? There is a real limites selection on the peninsula.

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    I usually buy local from World Wide Angler, but if they don't have what I want, I order from The Fly Fishing Shop in Welches, OR. They have a easy to navigate website and good prices.


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    Kenai Cache has the best fly shop on the Pennisula as far as I'm concerned. When I'm in Juneau and Brad doesn't have what I need I order from feather craft
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    Default Hook & Hackle

    H & H does a decent job located in PA they run all kinds of specials as well. The first to posted are note worthy as well and carry quality items. ORVIS also sells tying supplies.

    If you get to Los Anchorage once in a while Sportsmans and I hate to say it carries just about anything and everything you need and often sell items cheaper them some wholesale deals. Give them a call and see if they do bush orders might be the cheapest way to go.

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    Default Cheap flies can be disappointing

    Remember that you will get what you pay for. I have "auditioned" several manufacturers flies and found problems with most of those that sell well below "the regular price". Kenya Africa seems to be the new "meca" for fly tying and they sell for VERY cheap. Most of the manufactures that have sent me samples wound up having the hook itself break at the bend. Bad wire. It is especially bad when you are dry fly fishing with clients and wonder why they are missing so many fish on great drifts, only to find there is a nice looking dry fly drifting by with the hook broken off at the bend...

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    Try Yellowstone Flygoods-for either materials and/or fly patterns. I have been buying materials from Mike Hoiness(owner) since the early 90's.


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