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Thread: New Boat Cushions/Mattress'

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    Default New Boat Cushions/Mattress'

    Well, we just bought a new (to us) seine boat and one of the wife's projects is new boat seat cushions and mattresses. Any recommendations on who to talk to?

    We're looking to change them all... seats, bunks, everything.

    I'm not sure if we'll change just the covers, or all the foam too. I suppose it depends on what we find when we tear the covers off.

    If anyone has thoughts or pointers, I'd sure appreciate them.


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    Not sure from your post if you are looking at doing the work yourself or having it done. If you want to have it done I recommend you talk to Willy at Busters Upholstery in Anchorage. He has done a number of boat covers and upholstery jobs for me over the years and I have found his work to be first class - very easy to work with.


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    Default nomar in homer

    nomar in homer does some nice upholstery work and will work on stuff through the mail. email rich at he's good to work with and should be able to get you pointed in the right direction

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    Default Lugo's on Dowling

    I had JR do all mine so far, saved some money!


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