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Thread: BUYING 09 800R or 600 H.O. E-TEC?

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    Cool BUYING 09 800R or 600 H.O. E-TEC?

    I'm lookin to buy an 09 but can't decide on what to get? Either 800R or 600 H.O. E-TEC? MXZ RENEGADE w/ 137 and 1.25 paddle or SUMMIT 146 w/ 2.25 paddle? If I got a renegade, is there a 2 in. paddle to upgrade? I do a Mix of riding, a majority off in deep powder, boondockin, jumps, hill climbing on rare occassions(not to set the high mark.....yet). My previous sled was a summit 500 w/ 136 x 16 x 1.75. I need more power, but dont know what riding with an 1.25 ripsaw track on a 137 is like? Also, what are you thoughts on the X package ya or na?

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    I'd personally buy a 600 over an 800 anyday. Doo 800's are known to be timebombs. Look at the next post, recalled again.
    The emphasis is on accuracy, not power!

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    The 800's like the fuel as well. I have an '05 Summit 600 and ride with a few people with 800's and 700's. I go everywhere they go and I burn just shy of half the fuel they burn. I carry extra fuel, and mostly let them use it. My machine is all stock, and I have never had any issues with it.

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    ok. I own 2 800rs' and a 600 all on summit chassis. The 600 E-tec will absolutely get better fuel milage, BUT you will have not too much more power than you have now, a difference, yes, but barely noticable. Ski-doos 800 timebombs, hardly. Both 800rs have over 2000 miles on them. Most of the 800s that have come apart are from aftermarket parts, OR not using the correct oil. The appropriate oil for the E-tec or the 800r is FULL synthetic, hands down. Enough on motor displacment.

    have you ridden an XP? These things handle incredibly well. If I was you, I would be getting the 800r summit 146. plenty of power and a dream on the trails! The only reason i would look at the 600 e-tec renegade would be for fuel milage. Great Motor, plenty of power, but you said you wanted more power, and the 500 and the 600 are VERY similar blocks. IMO the 1.25 track isn't enough paddle for the deep snow, great track for the trail! The renegade is a very fun and capable sled with the 1.75 track with no gearing change. If you go to a 2" paddle track, you would probably want to change the gearing to something similar to a summit. All of this is easy to change, just take money. Got a secret for ya though. If you ordered a rengade in the spring you could swap the track to the 1.75 free of charge (basically they built it with the bigger lug track.) SOME dealers might have ordered some sleds like that. If you go that route, make sure you ask about getting one with a 1.75 track. PM me for any other ideas
    good luck and have fun!


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