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Thread: Sako V 300 Weatherby Mag

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    Default Sako V 300 Weatherby Mag

    Hello everyone, I'm new to the forum and enjoying the heck out of it. Thanks!
    I would really like opinions on this... I have a Sako Hunter (Stoeger import) in 300 Weatherby Mag. I've never owned a Sako but it seems to be a really nice rifle. I have not read or seen much info on this rifle or caliber. I've been studying the ballistic charts and with some loads this caliber is still packing 3000 lbs of energy at 300 yards. Wouldn't this be a good candiate for an all round caliber for Alaska hunting? At least on paper it looks like it would be good all the way up to Brown Bear. What do you all think? I'm planning a fall grizz/moose hunt and really thinking about bringing the Sako. Opinions? Good/Bad? Thanks again. Matt
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    Thumbs up Sako 300 Wby


    Welcome to the forum, it's good to have you with us.

    Your Sako is a fine rifle I have several of them, no Wby calibers but just about everything else. Is that an AV action or a 691?

    The 30 mags are considered to be a very good all around rifle for Alaska. Some prefer more bullet weight but there are many used successfully every year. I have hunted for just over 30 years with Sako rifles in many countries and several states. I have never felt undergunned because of the lack of CRF and I've taken grizzly, lion and cape buffalo with my Sako's. If your hunt is an interior Alaska hunt where rain isn't constant the blue steel/walnut will be fine with a little care. Also, interior grizzly aren't nearly as big as coastal browns, so the 300 Wby will be fine. I would use 200 grain Swift A-frames, if you handload or the Norma Oryx in factory ammo. I think that will work.

    Good shootin'.

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    Default 300 weatherby

    Hey..dont forget that Barnes makes a 250 grain round nose bullet for the handloader.Should be able to drive it pretty well out the weatherby.I shoot a 300 wichester magnum,,it drives out at about 2600 fps.Good luck with the new gun.


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