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    Not sure if this is ok here, but I thought I'd mention a series of articles and photos I just published on regarding my solo hunt and trip this year in Alaska.

    Try this link to see it, if that's ok.

    I mention this because the articles also introduce my new Alaksa hunt planning calendar, which lists this web site as one of the best resources for hunters interested in putting together a hunt in your glorious state.

    I understand if this post has to be removed, but thanks anyway for all the great info all of you provide.

    Don Mulligan

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    Default cool! beans

    wtg! Don. You are the man.And a big thanks from us.Daniel

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    That sounds so much like my haul raud experience, except that I drove it up and back none stop from Anchorage to Pump Station 2. But I think making that drive once is something every American should experience.


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