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Thread: Would like to shoot 10mm and/or 6.8SPC

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    Default Would like to shoot 10mm and/or 6.8SPC

    I have been looking into purchasing either a 10mm 1911 or a 6.8SPC upper for my AR15. Well I would like to possibly get some range time with either caliber to determine whether they are right for me. I have shot the .40 S&W and unfortunately couldnt hit the broad side of a barn with it. I found the .45ACP was more up my alley for control and accuracy.

    So if any of you perhaps have either of these and maybe want to hook up one day out at Birchwood or something that would be pretty cool. I can probably bring some of my stuff. Got a nice M&P 45 thats pretty awesome lol. Anyhow, if this sounds like something might wanna do hit me up via pm or respond here.

    Please no crazy stuff, im looking just to have a little fun experimenting with other guns. Not looking for trouble, as the anonimity of forums usually brings on the weirder folks of society :P.

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    Just for my personal curiousity, what were you shooting the .40 out of that you found it harder to shoot than the .45?

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    1911, some sig, and a Glock. 1911 shot the best but I couldnt put any discernable group together if my life depended on it. Then I picked up a .45 1911 and was shooting little 2.5 inch groups at 15 yards. I was an inexperienced shooter at the time so I figured something that lined up and shot so well for me must be right "for me". But now that iv got significant more years under my belt id like to give something else a try. Ended up buying a Kimber 1911 that shot so good that I had to buy premium ammo just to shoot it. I wanted somethin that chewed up whatever i put through it, hence the M&P 45.


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