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Thread: Wood River

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    Default Wood River

    I'm looking for info from someone who has been up the Wood River recently. How far can a jet boat go, and what kind of bottom is it?
    Thanks, and Good Luck hunting this year.

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    Default How recent?

    I used to hunt the Wood River from a jet boat from 97 through 03. If I can help let me know.

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    Default jcarpntr

    would appreciate a little inell on Wood River, Channel at mouth for jet boat or prop, usual depth, mud or rock bottom, cover along river, camp spots ect,

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    Angry Wood

    We just got back from Wood River. Our boat is small jet. Chanel on left going in. Soft bottom. My partner got a cow.
    Two nights before we got to 10th Street launch someone broke out the windows on 7 or 8 vehicles. Didn't look like they stole anything.
    We took our vehicles to town and paid 7$ a day at RV park.
    Good Luck, Riverlover

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    Did you use your 14ft with the 25 hp jet

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    Smile Wood River

    To summitx
    I sent you a P.M. on our trip.

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    Default Riverlover

    How far up the Wood did you go? Are the Native Land signs still posted?


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