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Thread: spot lights for 220 Searunner HT/ET....

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    Default spot lights for 220 Searunner HT/ET....

    What spot lights are you guys using on your Searunners or OP's?
    I'm ready to mount one on my boat but am looking for your advice and experiences concerning brands/styles and best locations on the boat to mount one.
    Also, is wireless remote worth it?

    I appreciate any advice that I can get...


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    I have two lights up on my radar mast, in the driveway turned on they burn a path down the street like lazers, they make car lights seem like nothing, but on the water it is not the same. I also carry a handheld spotlight, someone would have to be on the bow using it, as the helm is inside the cabin. Lights have been a topic before on the forum, there was good discussion on it, anyone remember?

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    I do not have a searunner any more, but I will be adding this remote spot to "Patience".
    ACR RCL-100D Spotlight
    I also have a pair of lightforce spot/flood lights mounted on my radar tower. I am very impressed with them.
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    Default Stryker

    I just bought a Stryker Go Light, it is 500,000CP light. It has 2 wireless remotes, one for dash mount and one for pocket. Works up to 150'. You can check them out at I bought the one with the running lights attached. Can't wait to get it mounted.


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