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Thread: Ruger Charger 22 makes 7yr old girl smile

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    Default Ruger Charger 22 makes 7yr old girl smile

    My daughter has now shot it more than i have. Her first target shoot was this last weekend up at sutton and i had so much fun just letting her do all the shooting. I could not load em fast enough!! She shot paper target, metal swinging target, and some guys were up there shooting semi-auto's at clay pigeons that they laid out all over the hill and they left most of them un-broken so we collected them up and she shot them the next day. I put a red-dot site on the ruger charger and just told her that wherever the dot is thats where the bullet hits and she just plunkt away at each and every one of those clay pigeons. I left with a smile on my face being so proud of how good of a shot she is. Her first time ever shooting!!!! As 4 wheeler riders would come over in our area i would tell her to put it on SAFE and take her hands off the GUN..I tell her guns have no respect so we have to respect guns..

    She was so proud of her first paper target and were going plingking again this weekend while mom goes to the made in Alaska. I would like to see her shoot a spruce chicken someday but that will have to wait until i find somewhere to hunt them.

    If you want to have fun, just take your kid plunkin!!!
    Dont forget the pb&j's and red bulls for the big kid!!

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    Default Careful, there...

    Raisin' up a future VP Candidate? Yer doin' good with the young 'un! Just take the time to instill the best ethics with the fun and she'll be a winner!


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