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    I did some trading with my neighbor, I don't know "how" I did. I got a Scanoe Ram X, square stern. I'm not a pro on canoe's, so any one have a value that comes to mind? There are a few battle scar's on the bottom, but nothing I would consider serious. If I do some more bartering it would to be nice to know what I have. Thanks for any help.

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    Default scanoe

    I've seen them at wal-mart for like $800 or so here in Fairbanks, hope this helps.

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    bought one at a yard sale for $250- bucks with a hole in the bottom,I had it patched for 80 bucks and I still tore that out flaoting looking for pike,next weekend I saw one over by Trainor Gate for $550 bucks and it sold while I was there.Daniel


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