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Thread: Rifle Matches 600 yds Saturday Come Shoot

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    Default Rifle Matches 600 yds Saturday Come Shoot


    There will be a scheduled High Power match on Saturday, October 4 at Birchwood "B" range. Sign up time is 9:30 AM and the match fee is $20.00. This is a 50 round for record match plus sighters. Also, Bob Engelbach has a BPTR match at Pedneau October 4 and would like to invite High Power shooters and "F" class shooters to participate. This means you High Power shooters have to choose which range you attend. I am committed to the scheduled match at Birchwood, so if you want to shoot with the black powder shooters please contact Bob Engelbach phone number 248-4199 or email It is important to RSVP to make sure there are enough people to man the line. Considering cancellations and weather problems at Pedneau you will be able to go to Birchwood if Pedneau doesn't work out. Please read Bob's note.

    A note from Bob Engelbach,

    The BPTR Division will be holding a match on the Pedneau Range on Ft. Rich on 4 October with a sign-up at 8:30 in the parking lot. Course of fire will be 200, 300, and 600 yards. I am inviting F-Class shooters and High-Power shooters to attend to try to get enough people to hold a match. If high-power shooters come, you will need to bring your target trailer as we don't have enough targets for everyone. Please RSVP ASAP so I can get a head count to see if we will have enough people. If not, I will issue a cancellation no later than 2 October (Thursday) evening.

    Bob Engelbach
    Director BPTR

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    Default spectators welcome to watch?

    I am assuming its ok to watch mayebe? I dont know of anyone with a armalite 50bmg and am wondering if this is the place to see them shooting one. I should have bought one 4yrs ago when they were alot less and still would like to pick one up but the money tree lost some momentum. So, back to my question about just seeing them fired on a range, is there a charge for viewing? thanks

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    sure...kinda boring to watch, like paint drying.
    Why not bring out a rifle and shoot? Lots of fun!
    Oh, do not expect any 50BMG at either match.
    The BPTR rifles are neat and smokey.
    The Rapid fire stages of the HP match are intriguing, especially the bolt gunners.
    10 rounds in 60 or 70 seconds and you have to do a reload.
    The gas gunners are limited to the speed of the operating system, the bolt gunners can go as fast as they want!
    Thanks for asking!

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    Default 600yards

    What kind of weapon are they shooting 600 yards? will a 22 mag work? I,ll need a better scope to see that shoulder wont take any trauma yet as i had it under the scope a month ago, so the 22 mag is about all i would be able to handle.

    My daughter and friend are going plinking saturday but i am curious what kind of weapons/guns reach out that far and the equipment attached to them that lets a shooter put a mark on target.

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    22 mag will probably not group well at 600 yds...
    the AR15 has very low recoil, the iron sights work fine out to 600, most used ammo is the 62/68/69/75/77/80 grain range..

    Service, Match and Black Powder Target Rifle are all iron sights. The critical part of using iron sights is being able to focus on the front sight clearly, not the target.

    F class allows use of scope

    Birchwood is a 200 yd match, iron sights.
    Again the 22 Mag would be frustrating to shoot at 200 yds, equivalent to 1000 yds with a CF gun.

    The club has loaner AR15's, you would need to contact them PRIOR to the match to arrange use of a rifle.

    Come on out!

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    The Saturday, October 4 Black Powder and "F" class match at Pedneau has been canceled.

    The High Power match at Birchwood "B" range will be held as advertised. Sign up at 9:30 AM.

    Lee Watne

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    Default Birchwood "B" range?

    Where is Birchwood "B" range?

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    Birchwood Shooting park has several ranges. They are marked A-H. B is the 200 meter range.


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