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Thread: RM 435 Ship Creek Drainage Registration Moose Hunt

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    Question RM 435 Ship Creek Drainage Registration Moose Hunt


    As we are nearing the registration window for the Ship Creek Drainage Registration Moose hunt I was considering and reviewing the limited access points. From the ADF&G web site there are primarily three access points (

    1. Ship Creek Trail, which is off Arctic Valley Road and crosses Ft Rich, from my map 2.7 miles until you hit the registration area.

    2. Chugach State Park, near the end of Highland Road, either up and over the ridge or a long hike to near Symphony Lake then over the ridge to get to the drainage. This option seems very difficult even for the most ambitious hunter.

    3. Indian Creek or Bird Creek Valleys. Lots of up hill and even via horse back there are difficulties getting in and last year there was reported damage to the trail from horse back hunters, something which I imagine will be scrutinized this year.

    Of the above I think Indian Creek may be the best option but if a person had horses they could possibly access via Ship Creek Trail. I called Environmental at Fort Richardson and I got the run around if you could use horses to access the park lands from the Ship Creek Trail Head that starts on Fort Richardson. They obviously don't have a written policy nor the where withal to establish one as they stated you can not hunt via horse back on Fort Richardson, but then I commented about using horses to access the drainage, which is off the installation. I then got that it has happened in the past, and that you can ride horses down the trail, but you are not allowed to use horses to access the drainage from Fort Richardson for hunting. I asked them to forward the policy or reference it to me and they could not, just a lot of speculation in what a person can and can not do is what they provided, as a matter of fact the recreational guide ( does not have a area sign out for it in reference to the trail head at all so in theory you could not use the trail head at all on Fort Richardson, as you must use the recreational guide and policy to access any Army lands for recreation.

    Anyone else have information or experiences in hunting this area, doubt I will be able to come to any resolution on post about the use of horses to access the drainage so I'm thinking of going in from Indian and plowing through the mud on foot to at least look at a moose as to shoot one would be crazy.



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    Default good luck

    12 bears in 3 days... All brown and 9 of which were seperately identified...

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    Saw some cows and a fair bull in there a few days ago but getting to them would take some serious bushwacking and would be a heck of a packout. I did this hunt last year and it is no easy hunt. Lots of bears in there from what I've been told but I didn't see any last year though we did see 6 flying up the drainage the other day, 4 were way up high (blacks) and 2 were down low, possibly brown bears.


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