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    Default Remote Control Duck Decoys

    Anyone tried these remote control duck decoys yet?:

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    I'd make darn sure that they were rated for salt water if that's where you're planning to use them. Lotta money for one time use.

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    The Remote control decoys are not "rated for salt water". The salt water is hard on the seals, but if you rinse them after each use, they will last.

    I use them and I think they are great, they add good motion to your spread and are great for kids.

    Decoy Stores Duck Decoys and Remote Control Decoys

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    I'd group em in right there with those robo-ducks that have the spinning wings - I think they're worthless. While hunting the flats here we were using inflateable decoys, and about 200 yards away we had guys with robo-ducks and high end decoys...They were doing hardly any shooting while we limited out.

    I believe being where the ducks want to be is key, and learning where they like to sit on tides/weather patterns.

    But hey, if you wanna spend your money on the fancy stuff, more power to ya :P Just adds more weight to pack out if your walkin in :P

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    A better idea is going to the salvation army finding a remote control boat then cutting the bottom out of a hot buy.
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