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Thread: My First Alaska Photos

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    Default My First Alaska Photos

    Hi guy's any critiques welcome.
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    Two more. Taken out at Eklutna lake.
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    Good compositions with some nice angles and S curves in there. Also, good colors, but a little dull from the lack of sunlight. Cranking up the saturation just a tad, and warming them up a bit might help. Perhaps too much gray sky showing.

    What is missing is something in the foreground. You have nice backgrounds, and a couple have some interesting middle ground, but there is nothing up close. Nothing says there has to be, of course, but I'm just thinking they could be improved with something interesting up close and off to the side. A person, animal, old boat, tree branch, berry patch, etc. Anything really.

    They are nice though, and it's a great reminder that this is the time to go out and get some color.

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    Man, how did I miss these? They are really nice. I agree with Jim, bump the saturation a bit and maybe tweak the levels. Well done!

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    Thanks for the tip guy's. I'll have to look into how to change the saturation, I've never done that, still pretty new to all this. Although the real pictures look better, something got lost when they were reduced to post here.


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