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Thread: PWS GPS options?

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    Default PWS GPS options?

    Looking for best option on handheld GPS with mapping software for Prince William Sound. We love to hike around the Islands and Mainland areas in PWS but find its easy to get turned around. Iíve not been able tie down good mapping software that has useful cartography for this area. The mapping software on my boat is great for the water but really useless for land. I guess if we just use the GPS for tracking that would help, would be nice to have something with more detail.

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    Can't believe your post sit here for 4 months without a reply!!!

    That is pathetic.

    Look at the newer Garmin. They have 60cx (or similar) and a new Colorado. Both are pretty slick looking. The 60 has been around a while, not sure what the current model is like. I use Garmin etrex Legend C and love them. Great product.

    Good thread here from the "Gear" forum.

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    Default Garmin

    I have had Garmin's... I have had Magellan's.

    I prefer the Garmin.

    I currently have the Colorado. Very nice GPSr. Lot's of features, bells, whistles, etc. About $400-500.

    The Oregon is the newest release. All the same features of the Colorado, but has a touch screen (kind of like the iPhone). Pretty slick. About $600.

    Garmins Topo software is pretty good. I'm not sure what kind of resolution/scale you need on your maps. But I've found that they give me a decent lay of the land when hiking, biking, 4-wheeling, etc.

    Good luck!


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