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Thread: Pepper Plants

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    Default Pepper Plants

    Was wondering if anyone else has 4ft tall pepperless pepper plants.... only a few are blossoming and no peppers what so ever, the are in my greenhouse but was wondering if they will still grow if I put them in the garage....

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    Default Lots of peppers

    We have 4 plants, 2 serrano and 2 jalapeno, that have tons of peppers on them. All four are in the greenhouse and are about 36" tall. Both varities have been making fruit since they were 12"-14" tall. Something sounds amiss w/yours....but I sure can't tell ya what it is.

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    Default Magnesium deficiency

    I think I read somewhere that a lack of Magnesium can cause this.

    A good source of magnesium sulfate is epsom salts.

    Try adding some to a few plants and see what happens if it isn't too late.

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    Could be they have not been pollinated. Have you been hand pollinating?


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