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Thread: Black Bear Meat

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    Default Black Bear Meat

    Anyone have any ideas on how to cook a black bear? I have a little bear meat that I would like eat.

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    Default Chili

    Try making chili with it. Grind it or simply cut into small pieces. Oh yes, that's one of my favorite applications for bear meat.

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    I have done steaks, and roasts form the backstrap and sausages. Bear needs to be cooked well done so I do chicken fried. In the roast slow moist in a dutch oven and the meat will fall apart and be tender.

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    bear meat needs to SLOW cook... the grain in the meat is so tight that it takes longer to break down... compair one to moose or beef... bear has about 100 grains per inch and beef has about 12...

    it is really great meat when cooked right. just do it slow... thin steaks... need to be on low heat while grilling also.. figure at least two time longer to cook then your pork chop... so turn the heat down and let it simmer
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    Default Au jus

    Roast your bear ham roast covered at about 350- 400 degrees (depending on size) for several hours. Leave the fat on to keep it moist. When done, mix the drippings with au jus mix, and slice the meat REALLY thin. Layer the meat slices on sourdough rolls with pepper jack cheese, horse radish and tomatoes and dip into the au jus. It is as they say, "To die for!"

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    Default Corning

    If you like corned beef, try corning bear meat. It's not difficult, and there are many recipes on the web.

    As Vince mentions, the grain of the meat is what you're trying to deal with. Corning breaks the meat down very well.

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    My wife wasn't sure how to cook it the 1st time we tried it so she cooked it exactly like she cooks moose roast. Most of the folks who have tried it liked it better than moose (and her moose roast is amazing!).
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