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    I am picking up a used 200s and it is described as being hard to start but once started (pulled behind another maching to start) it runs fine and will then re-start fine. Having had zero experience messin with these What are some of the possibilities that might cause this in these machines that I should check-out to solve the problem. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks BTW-The previous owner said the plug is new.


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    Well it sounds like the rings are bad in the engine. One way to tell is put a small amount of oil in the cylinder and rotate the engine a few times and then put the spark plug back in and should start. if it starts the rings are probably bad.

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    Default Passed on Machines

    Didn't buy the wheelers due to plenty of other issues. Thanks for the reply

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    I didn't know if you got your problem fixed if not check out the air filter and then the carb usually if it is hard starting carb need to be cleaned then i would replace the spark plug thats the cheapest way.


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