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Thread: Eklutna Ram permit?

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    Default Eklutna Ram permit?

    My wife, kids and I were out for a hike yesterday (Sat Sept 27). We stopped alongside Eklutna Lake Road at about mile 5.5 and hiked up off the north side of the road. On the way up we ran into three guys coming down who had just killed a ram with a rifle. (None of them had a bow along.) They said they had started from Eklutna Lake Road that morning and we ran into them about half an hour from the road at 2:30PM. I was just wondering what rifle permit they must have had?

    I would have asked them myself but I was around the side of the mountain and only my wife and kids talked to them. Whatever their permit was, I want to put in for it next year! What a coupe to be able to start from the road in the morning and be admiring ram horns by noon!

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    Default Ds139?

    Assuming they were on the other side of the ridge (opposite the lake) when the harvest occurred, they may have been hunting DS139:

    Looks like that hunt had a 3% draw rate last year. I agree, sounds like a great permit to have...

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    Default Ds139

    They must have went up the Bold Ridge Trail and hunted the boundary of DS139 to have done that hunt in the same day.


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