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Thread: Adak caribou hunting

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    Default Adak caribou hunting

    Hi, I'm new here and really haven't found any current threads on info. for Adak Island Caribou hunting (maybe I just couldn't find them?). If anyone has any info. or could direct me to some current info on this subject I would greatly appreciate it! I'm hoping to plan a hunt in '09 and surprise my father with a father/son hunt for caribou. I've heard thru research online Adak is a really cool place to chase them!
    Thanx Greg

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    Check out page 12 in the October 2008 Field and Stream. There's a photo of a guy from NJ with a small bull from Adak. It won't tell you where to go or who to contact, but that's probably a good thing. Once it's made that mag., it's like an old stock tip.

    I wish you luck, nonetheless.

    Don Mulligan

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    I had a trip to Adak set up with a guy that works for me. His dad has worked there for years and promised me a shot at ol mossy horns.
    Then they ran out of credit with the fuel supplier since the largest fuel consumer (fish processor) didn't pay the bill. All non-essential personnel have been instructed to leave the island. The last word I got was his dad, who runs the power plant, has also been asked to leave. No fuel, no power, no need for plant operator.
    It is very fluid right now and things may change, but I'd wait until things return to normal, if they ever do.
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    I grew up on Adak and still have the rack of a 2 year old my dad shot in 1972.. it has one brow tine and 8 other points and measures 49 7/8 in wide and 38 inches tall the bases are 3.5 inches on one and 3 3/ on the other....

    if you can get accommodations to Adak, your doing well these days.

    Adak is about 12 mile wide and 36 miles long on the hunt able side. you will need boat access unless air strips have been installed on the back side but i doubt it. and plan on 1.5 -2 weeks.. for your hunt. they move constantly and the Terran there is up on one side and down the other. there was a large kill off in the late 80.s early 90;s as the herd was growing to large. the only other predator there is fox and take your fishing pole. you wont regret it...
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    Might want to check the archives here as well. I believe I read it here about 2 years ago that a large boat based operator went down there with bunches of clients and wacked a ton of the older bulls in the herd. Last I can remember ,I may be wrong, the herd was about 2500 head . There used to be a guy that went by ADAK Jeff had a website up about hunting over there but I believe he moved to the mainland a while back. Seriously find out about what bullbuster has spoke about , there aint much going on there.

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    Default Adak info

    Hey outhntn

    I sent a pm to you

    send your info and I will supply you with more info than you need.
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    Question What?

    Unless something strange has gone down in the last month my friend (we we're suppose to shoot an episode there) had a very successful hunt. Wind was a mess for the first few days. They stayed in a hotel and rented 4-wheelers and his son had a blast.

    I believe Alaska Air has flights on Thursday and Sundays. Next season I'll have my ***** in order and do an episode on ADAK. Location "Z" of course
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