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    For you guys out there that have had your GC in the water this year, what kind of heaters are you using and how do you like what you have? Would you make any changes? I hope to be installing heat in my 28 x 10 sometime this winter. I currently have planed the Espar D4 heater with the Wallas 85 stove top but have been looking at the Dickinson stove with oven combo. If I go with the Dickinson I would drop the Espar and Wallas. What do the pros think? Thanks for any input. Ol'Glenn

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    I have no experience with the Dickinson stoves, but I love the Espar heater. It has worked very well. I also have the Wallas stove top and the Wallas oven. The stove is okay, but we love the oven. It seems like the Dickinson set ups take up a bit more space.
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    Thanks for your input. I did think the Dickinson was a bit to big. I think I'll just stick with my origional plan.

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    I've had a Dickinson Bristol on my boat for 16 years and its still going strong. They don't use any power to work but you have to realize that you can't be cruising to fast with them running because you get backdrafts down the stove pipe and they will fill your cabin with smoke. On those cold windy rainy days there's nothing like a diesel stove pumping out nice steady dry heat to make your cabin a happy place.

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    What I have seen of the espar it is pretty impressive.
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