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    I just wanted to share with you all the experince I had with bennett marine trim tabs. I bought my boat used about 5 years ago and the first time out I noticed one of my pistons on the tabs was leaking air. I contacted bennett and they did not ask if I bought them, how old or any thing else but for my address. less then a week later I had two rebulid kits for both pistons free of charge.
    This year my pump started to act up. I contacted them again and recived replys within 24 hours (via email) of diffrent things to try. the conclusion they wanted to check it out. So I mailed them the pump and in less then 2 weeks I recived a brand new pump in the mail with a explanation of what they found wrong and a bill for 0 dollars. Never have I recived such excellent customer service and support of a product. I am so impressed with them that I had to share this with all of you, and see if any of you have had such a positive experince with them also.

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    I have the same from Bennet. The best product support I have seen.

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    Although I've never dealt with them, I've heard nothing but very good things about their customer service.
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