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    Hey all,

    Before visiting this year, I had been looking up videos on Youtube and found lots of cool clips from AK. A few days ago, I just typed in 'free fishing shows online' on google and found a really cool site. If you like watching fishing and hunting shows, this is a good place to visit:

    There are hundreds of high quality fishing and hunting shows. I like the ones in Australia. Seems like they never know what 100lb beast they are gonna catch. Yellowtail, tuna, marlin...who knows!

    I dont like watching bass tournaments, or walleye fishing much. Im really into the saltwater stuff. I used to get up at 6am on sundays to watch 'Saltwater sundays' on ESPN2 but they switched the programming to the more popular hunting shows.

    Now I can get my saltwater fix this winter when Im surrounded by maple trees and fatty Quebecois food this winter.

    Hope you enjoy.
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