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Thread: burning up barrels question

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    Default burning up barrels question

    I have been reading here and there that some of the magnum barrels are easily ruined. I am picking up my 7-08 tikka t3 next week and will be starting to learn handloading. How fast is to fast for the Tikka barrel?
    Assuming that I stay within the required pressures for the action probly unlikely to harm the T3 barrel. Anyway, how are these other magnum barrels ruined something I really want to avoid, I am getting quite fond of my new Tikka and I haven't even picked it up yet

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    Default Barrel errosion

    All barrels wear to some degree with use. The higher pressure cartriges have a tendency to wear at a high rate due to the higher pressure and higher heat associated with them. With high pressure rounds, avoiding the max loads and not over heating the barrel are the best ways to prolong barrel life. The throught and first 4 to 6 inches are the the highest wear area and this is due to the this is were the pressure is at it's peak. I shoot a wide range of calibers and have nevers shot out any of my rifles. On the other hand I have shoot out 2 military barrels under combat situations. The first was a .50 cal mounted coax in my ASV. I know you are suposed to change out the barrel after every 150 to 200 rounds but I sure as h*** not going to get out of my turret in the middel of a fire fight. The other barrel I shot out was intentional done, we were told that we could not get the shorty barrels for our M 249 if our long barrels were still serviceable. "We" ran 1000rounds through the barrels at a high rate. We removed the hand guards to avoid melting them. So if you use common sends and don't run your reloads at max your barrel should last you several thousand rounds. I hope this is of some help.
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    Barrel burn out should not be a big issue with the 7-08. It is important with any caliber to let the barrel cool after firing a string. I usually do no more than 5 shots then let the barrel cool completely. Take another rifle or handgun to play with while the barrel cools. When the barrel gets hot it is much more prone to erosion, that is why it is important to let it cool between strings. My rule of thumb is 5 shots for standard cartridges up to 30-06 in capacity, 3 shots for mags.

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    Default Barrels

    Barrel metalurgy has changed over the years with modern technology. The reason most of the barrels we speak of burned out was they were built for overbore cartridges. The bullet is too small for the powder volume causing a situation where there are excessively hot gases and flames erroding the throat. There are some rounds that come to mind like a 264 Win Mag., 220 Swift, 6.5x 300 weatherby. That's not to say that these cartridges don't have a place they just aren't as user friendly as the more balanced rounds.
    Couple these rounds with some of the older chrome-moly barrels and they got a bad rap. Today in modern stainless barrles this problem is nearly neggated with proper use and good range practices.
    The 7-08 doesn't exhibit these tendences and is a well balanced cartridge . I had a Remington, I shot metallic silhouettes with. After it had fired 7,000 plus rounds and the groups opened up to an inch at 100 yards, I rebarrelled it and kept it until it was stolen in 1984.
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    I would expect you would get 5K rounds out of it with normal use meaning you do not get it hot and keep shooting it. 7-08 is a nice light easy on barrel type of round. Good luck. J.

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    Default powders?

    I think some powders have a tendency to erode barrels a little faster than some others. IMR/H-4895 come to mind, especially in the 22-250, in as little as 500-1000 rounds. Large volume shooting at rock chucks on hot days contribute to that, but other powders, under the same conditions, didn't erode as much. Jumyex.
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