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Thread: Campbell Creek Trout?

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    Default Campbell Creek Trout?

    Anyone have any thoughts about hunting for some trout in Campbell Creek around Diamond or anywhere else? Never fished it and wondering if it would be worth it this late into September.

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    don't think it would hurt to try. it's an easily navigable creek. Buddy of mine and I went down late one night a month ago and he saw a big one jump a few times, but instead of that one, he reeled in a 8-9"er. they are in there in the pools, just gotta find em but there is a path as far as i know that follows the creek and it's pretty easy to walk.

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    If you fish the upper river.... watch for bears!

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    Campbell creek is an underappreciated blue river trout stream. Like yOgee said, fish the upper river. If you see salmon, trout will be just downstream. You probably wont see the trout, they blend in. The upper river is a piece of Alaska wilderness, complete with moose and bear attacks, I love it!!
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    Campbell does indeed hold big trout; they hide in or directly behind spawning salmon.

    Usually catch fish between 6-10 inches but theres always a group of 12-20+ inchers behind the salmon..

    Friend hooked about a 25 incher there once incidentally that came off as he tried to lift it out of the water... so yes it has some monsters


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