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    I am considering ordering a new 26' wooly SS pilot house. I would like to here any opinions you guys might have. I plan on a single Honda 225 for power. It seems that this boat is kinda mid range for this style of boat as far as quality, price range, and installed options. I have also been looking at the Boultons, Kingfisher, and Raiders. Any opinions would be appreciated. Also do you think the prices on boats are better now or in Febuary during the boat show?

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    Default Custom welded?

    If your looking for a boat that has exactly what you want, why not have one made? It is alot of fun building your dream boat. There can also be some trying times as well (delivery dates). You can save alot of money doing the finishing yourself and installing the eletronics if your inclined that way.

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    When I got my 2425 Kingfisher 225 was the largest 4 stroke.If I repower,I will go to a 300 Suzuki.

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    Default best to wait a while

    I have been into dealerships up here. I bought a snow machine one winter. Went into to get something. Looked at the boat list. The $120,000 at the fall boat show was then $60,000 in December that year 2005. Still gives you plenty of time to work on it and get it al rigged up by spring.


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