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Thread: grouse season

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    Default grouse season

    I heard how thunder chicken did with grouse, has anybody else done well?where is a good place to be that wouldn't be to crowded?

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    Default crowds

    crowds are something you won't have to worry about for grouse season, I was sharing the woods with moose hunters over the weekend and saw a few people on the logging roads but no one in the woods. You'll be happy to know rabbit runner01, I found a spot in a valley that was littered with rabbit droppings and it has your name on it!! Skippy and dewey won't know which way to run.................

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    Question strange year

    Having a hard time finding them as well. Tried sutton but didn't really know where to go so I just drove to the end of the state maintained portion of jonesville rd & started walking on the 4 wheeler paths until the dog would go in after a sent. No luck though. Also have had zero luck at peters creek trail, & moose creek.
    Thinking about trying the little su area tomorrow but wondering if its still all flooded out & more a mess than its worth.
    I think my dog is starting to wonder if we are just going out for out of town walks.

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    I was thinking it was a great year. With the rain and then shine it's been an awesome year so far for grouse/spruce hens. Every place I've tried has been succesful. Sent my buddy from MN up to a place off of the talkeetna turnoff today and he came back with 12 birds between him and 2 other guys.


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