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    I am not extremely new to trapping and understand most trapping is recreational and pays very little. However It seems to me there can be a few exeptions. It seems martin in alaska have been escalating in prices and I see a it as a possible option to trap them for income in southeast. I make my main income in the summer and always am forced to work odd low income jobs in the winter. In your opinion, if I went beyond the recreational trapping level and set "real" traplines in productive areas, do you expert trappers see the possibility of trapping 600$ weekly in pelts. I Know there is alot more to account for but I am just doing general opinions. Forgive my late responce as I have little accsees to internet.

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    if you are in the right spot. Must take into account all the equipment, gas, etc.

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    northway beat to it. Sure it's very feasable to catch $600.00 a week in fur. It's making the proffit you need to worry about.


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