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Thread: Weekend Fishing Reports..

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    Default Weekend Fishing Reports..

    Fished Kenai canyon yesterday down to was pretty good, actually got too warm for awhile. The Kenai is still flowing pretty high for this time of year and it is CHOKED with reds.....hard to get around them to the trout. Also they are spawning like crazy and their are eggs everywhere....making the trout not very aggressive. Used bead patterns most of the day. Only caught about a dozen rainbows and a couple of dollys.....bows to about 27". Also lost three nice was definitely over 30". Hooked him off an island while stopping for lunch and after jumping he hit the rapids and I would have to have gone swimming to catch up. Then he gave me "the fin" and came unbuttoned. Also in 15 years of fishing that stretch of Kenai I had my first close encounter of the brownie kind. Was on an island fishing a small branch which was split off. Had sat down to retie my leader and happened to turn around and I see a giant brown teddy bear head in the river swimming right towards me. Wasn't sure he knew I was there so I stood up and made some noise after which he readjusted and came up on the other side of little stream and sat giving me the evil eye from about 25 feet away. I quietly backed around and hustled back to the front of the island where the other guys were. The guide grabbed his pepper spray (and .50 cal Colt) and went looking for the other fisherman. The bear decided to swim right back over to the island and wasn't deterred by our presence one little we ceded temporary ownership of the island to Mr. Brownie and headed downstream. Where's the camera when you need one? Anyway here's some pics of the trip:


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    Default couple more pics.....

    Here's a beautiful dolly coloring up for the spawn....not that big but I never get tired of seeing this fish when they are colored up:

    And, of course, there was just an endless supply of the rare and endangered Kenai River "Red" trout:

    Everyone have great fishin,


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    I'm headed down next weekend for a week, hopefuly the water goes down a little bit. I went last weekend and it was very high, but still caught plenty of fish. The reds were very thick then too. It looks like the water is going down steadily, hopefuly it follows the forcast. Nice pictures by the way.

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    Nice stuff Doc. I will be there Thursday till Thursday. Maybe see you out there!

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    Default Russian River and Confluence with the kenai

    I have fished the russian river the last two weekends for silvers. This sunday there were actually more silvers in the first hole I fished than dying reds. There have also been a lot of silvers holding below the russian river ferry in the Kenai. Good luck for anyone trying to catch these silvers. I have seen some really big silvers caught there. My largest so far is 11 pounds.


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