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Thread: Kodiak Panning

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    Question Kodiak Panning

    Anyone ever pan in Kodiak? Not looking to get rich, just find some color. If you have any experience let me know.

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    Default Sitkinak

    I know a few folks that go out and work the gravels out on Sitkinak Island. Mostly the glacial stuff out there.

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    Default Kodiak beach placer

    me and some buddies took a beach camping trip form Cape Alitak to Ayakulik River. We had a sluice and a small pump with us. Plan was to dig into the overburden of washed gavel down to the clay layer. Problem was the overburden was up to 6 feet deep that spring and there was too much surf to pump from the beach and other water sources were few and far between.
    We did find some black sand in some of the washed areas up next to the bluffs that showed color and one match head nuggy on a shelf at the bottom of the bluff.
    We did it in early spring before the bugs and grass was up. The old timers did pretty good on this strecth of beach in the 20,s there are still some remains of their old cabins and canals they dug from ponds to get sluice water down to the beach can still be seen.


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