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Thread: LAST CALL: Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation banquet

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    Exclamation LAST CALL: Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation banquet

    Hi guys and gals,

    November 15th is the date for this years Cook Inlet Chapter banquet that will be held at the Egan Center in Anchorage. Social hour starts at 5:30pm and there is a buffet dinner, live and silent auctions, raffles, games.....etc. Single tickets are $80, couples are $125 and there are life memberships, sponsor memberships and table prices available.

    No tickets will be available at the door, so you need to register online by visiting and enter ticket code YPFNX.

    If you prefer, you can order tickets from Paul at 907-727-1262. If you would like to volunteer or donate, please call Tom at 907-344-3360.

    Register soon to be in the Early Bird drawing. Deadline for the Early bird is October 30th.

    A hint for those of you in the Fairbanks area, the Fairbanks banquet is November 22nd.

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    Default update and reminder

    Hi everyone,

    Thanks for looking.

    Just a reminder that early registration is over in less than 1 week. Get in on the "Early Bird" drawing.

    Don't miss the opportunity to bring the Mrs. along. We've got furs, and jewelry and the Ladies Balloon Raffle. Win her a beautiful new fur and you can bring home any gun you want from the banquet!

    Register via the RMEF website, or call Paul at 349-7971.

    See you on November 15th at the Egan Center.

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    Default Elk

    Is this banquet just about Rocky Mt Elk or will it have somethings or someone to talk to about any of the Roosevelt Elk in Alaska. Just wondering, cause I just shot a great elk in Afognat and was wondering why there is not a sub species for the Alaskan Roosefelt elk compared to the Washington and Oragen Roosefelt Elk. I was told by a few of the local Taxadermist that mine might be the biggest one taken in a long time out of the island but can not find any records. Do think there is any.
    Your help would be great.

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    Default Roosevelt Elk


    Send me a pm with your contact info and I'll get you the name and phone number for the guy that can help you with those questions.

    Sounds like it's been a great year for big bulls on Afognak and Raspberry. Congratulations on a successful hunt.


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    Default hunts

    does any one know what type of hunts are going to be auctioned off?

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    Default Hunts to be auctioned

    Africa-plains game, can be upgraded

    New Zealand- Chamois, can be upgraded

    South Carolina- spring 2009 Turkey hunt(all inclusive, all you need is the plane ticket to SC and $40 for the non-resident license, and probably a change of clothes...and your toothbrush). This hunt is for anyone, whether they be young, old, disabled, handicapped or all of the above.

    We have yet to confirm at least one more hunt and possibly a fishing trip or 2.

    Stay tuned.

    PS- Steve, I'm still working on finding the info you requested. I'll get back to you as soon as I've got it.

    PSS- Raffle tix and banquet tix being sold at Sportsman's Warehouse gun counter this weekend. Stop by and say "hi".

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    How many tickets are going to be sold?

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    Default tickets

    If you are asking about banquet tickets, the room we have at the Egan Center will hold about 230-240 at the most. We hope to have over 200 attendees.

    If you are asking about raffle tickets we have different raffles going on.

    The progressive raffle is for a Remington 700 SPS 7mm RemMag. We will sell 200 tickets for this raffle and sell out every year. The winner of the gun will be in the grand prize drawing for a Colorado guided elk hunt in the West Elk Wilderness area with Elk Basin Outfitters.

    The 2 gun raffle got turned into a 3 gun raffle, without a price increase. $10 per ticket or 3 for $25. We hope to sell 300 tickets. All 3 guns have fair market values of $500 or more.

    If you can't make it to the banquet, you can buy raffle tickets at Sportsman's Warehouse this weekend from 10-6 on Saturday and 12-4 on Sunday, then Sunday (11/9) from 12-4.

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    Default two thumbs up for RMEF

    It is very hard to beat an organization like the RMEF. One of the best organizations that put money right back into all wildlife.

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    I would like to attend the Fairbanks one, I Have an elk that i got in montana a few years back that i am trying to mount as a nice pedistal mount, and i wanted to bring it as a display for the banquet, but i am swamped and its hard to get around to mounting my own things, But i am trying, if any one knows who is in charge of the fairbanks one, ask them to give me a call and we can talk about this, i would also like to donate a free mounting certificate to be auctioned off, I did this for the bowhunters association also and a few others.


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    Default Fairbanks connection


    Ross Hayden is the banquet chair in Fairbanks. I'll pass the info along to him.

    Thanks for your support of RMEF.


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    Default Fairbanks

    Quote Originally Posted by happytobeinAK View Post

    Ross Hayden is the banquet chair in Fairbanks. I'll pass the info along to him.

    Thanks for your support of RMEF.

    Ditto on the Fairbanks banquet. I'd love to attend that one.


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    Default Fairbanks RMEF banquet

    For tickets contact Ross 490-6660 or Pat 479-7116. Either one of them can help get you seats for the banquet

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    Default Last Call for tickets to the RMEF banquet in Anchorage

    Hey everyone,

    If you've already got your tickets for the RMEF banquet on this coming Saturday...THANKS.

    If you still want to get tickets, you must do so by noon on Wednesday. We have to give a head count to the Egan Center folks on Wednesday afternoon.

    We have these hunting trips that are confirmed:

    South Africa Plains Game (2 different outfitters) hunts that can be upgraded

    New Zealand Chamois hunt that can be upgraded

    Kenai River First Run (5/15-6/30) Chinook All-Day Trip, includes a night lodging on the river

    Unconfirmed, but we still have high hopes to get:

    South Carolina Spring 2009 Turkey hunt for 2

    Wyoming Antelope hunt that can be upgraded to include elk

    We also have a fur coat (live auction) and a fur cape (raffle) that will certainly make someone happy that you just bought a trip to Africa.

    Lots of art, including a Scott Thompson original.

    You can get tickets by calling Paul at 727-1262.

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    Default Wyoming Antelope hunt confirmed

    Hunt is a private ranch hunt (fair chase) in the North Platte River drainage of south central Wyoming. Can be upgraded to include elk (also private ranch land). Hunt in the shadow of the Snowy Range. Wyoming has almost as many antelope as all the other states combined. We are so sure that you'll have a great hunt, that the auction package includes a voucher to have Russ Knight take care of your taxidermy when you get back. Thank to Rough Country Outfitters for the excellent donation.

    The Sheraton is offering rooms for $95/night + tax, if you need a place to stay. Just mention the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation banquet when reserving your room to get the reduced rate.

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    Default Wyoming

    Is the Wyoming hunt for 1 or 2 people?

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    I'll know that tomorrow morning when FedEx brings us the paperwork. I'll post details as soon as I know them myself.

    Thanks for the interest and checking back in.


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    Default last minute banquet info

    The South Carolina Turkey hunt and the Wyoming Antelope hunt are confirmed.

    The South Carolina hunt is detailed in a post above.

    The Wyoming Antelope hunt is for 1 hunter (can add a hunter at the published rates) on private ranch land in south central Wyoming (about a 3 hour drive from the airport in Denver). The hunt can be upgraded to include elk. Hunt can be taken in 2009 or 2010 depending on when hunter is able to draw a tag. The details of when applications are due for the draw can be worked out with the outfitter.

    There are still seats available for the banquet. We purposefully overestimated attendance by about 20 seats so that last minute folks have a chance to get into the banquet. Go online to sign up or call Paul. Reservation details are in the original post to this thread.

    It's going to be a great banquet. We've gotten some awesome donations and we are going to have fun with a couple of the games. Don't miss out, and remember that you are helping to ensure the future of elk in Alaska and throughout North America.

    See you Saturday night.


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