That is the only way I know to beat the censors.

I've been doing a lot of loading these past week and have seen the high cost of new components. The poor quality of these components. The decline of what was once good quality major manufacturers components.

My rejection rate of WINCHESTER brass was higher than any other manufacture I've ever seen before. I had an average rejection rate of an average of five per hundred. All reject were due to oversize rims, this for me has never happened before on any factory brass from any manufacture.

Uneven mouths, just about every case has and uneven mouth. Every fifty round package has poor quality control. This run was for .375 H&H, twenty packages. I don't have the expectation to have to cut every case of new brass to cut necks square.

Bullets: Hornady 300 grain .375, the control in every box had different ogives, causing erratic seating. This was flatly terrible. Again this was in twenty boxes. This is due to mixing from different point forming dies.

I just flatly feel let down. The cost of using Norma is out of the question. RWS in .375 is higher and can not be found anyway. Is Remington actually better than WINCHESTER, now?

My luck with Remington brass in the past has never been good, however it's never had this kind of rejection rate either.