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    How long does it take to dry logs? I was going to stack them so that air could circulate through, and then throw a tarp over top to keep the rain and snow off.

    Should I peel them first?

    How long before they are ready to build with?


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    Yes, you'll need to peel them first. Late in the season now, but if you peel now then store and cover as you suggested they should be dry enough to begin using next summer.
    Good luck,

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    It depends on how much moisture is in the log. Were the trees green when you cut them down or standing dead when you harvest them. I usually peel my logs twice, once in the spring just roughly to get the bark off, then stack them to dry 8 to 12 months then repeel them finished ready to go on the building. Its not good to mix wet & dry logs together as they will shrink at different times and give you problems around door and window openings. I built a log house some time ago with nothing but green logs and it settled 7inch in an 8ft wall.

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    Peel when wet! A lot easier and you will find the logs will dry much faster than if the bark were to remain on.

    I'm sure you know this already, but just in case, you should stack the logs perpendicular to each other, leaving 6-12 inches of airspace between. It would also be beneficial to only cover the top and allow the air to circulate beneath the tarp.

    Good Luck!

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    Hey thanks a lot for the help fellas!


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