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    Default Thursday's Report

    I arrived at the parking area and to my dismay, found I was not alone. One vehicle looked like somebody's that I knew (and had shown this spot ). Sure enough, they were in the pond I'd planned on going to. Oh least it was friends. Time for spot B. The flight of birds started strong just before shoot time. Just after LST I dropped a hen pintail over the decoys and the dog was happy. However, the flight of birds ended as quick it started. Finished the morning jumpshooting a few ponds and ended with three more sprig. The final shot I fired flushed at least 30 mallards out of a roost pond that was just out of range. Guess I know where I'll go next when the only option is to jumpshoot.

    Jump shooting always wears us out

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    Default she looks

    like a tired pup -


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