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    Default Help on Sleeping bag

    I am looking for a rectangular sleeping bag. I have a cats meow mummy and simply can't sleep in it zipped up as I turn too much. Anyone out there know of a quality/light weight one? Thanks!

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    I don't know that I would give up on mummies based on your experiance with the cats meow bag. It is a very narrow bag in the hips and legs. I have two other bags and the meow is by far the narrowest. The plus with it is that it is the lightest and packs the smallest of all the synthetic bags I have tried, without those two points I would never use it!

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    How light Mike? If a 4+lb bag will work take a look at the Hunter Ultralight.

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    I too have a cats meow and know what you mean. It's not a big deal for me, it seems to fit okay, I'm not too big. I understand that the Big Agnes bags/mattress systems are cut pretty generous even in the ones that are not full rectangle. I have read about guys liking them cuz they can roll around in them. Might be worth looking in to. I have one of the insulated aircore pads and it's great. I am considering one of the light down bags.
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    For a lightweight alternative, the Mont Bell super stretch bags have always teased my interest. I know they make high quality equipment just havent given them a fair shake. I know what you mean Mike I am a twister too and the mummy's keep me from sleeping very good too. The Wiggy's broad sized bags ( I have the Superlight 0 degree) are the ticket for a mummy with room , but they weigh more than most sheephunters can stand to carry.


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    If you consider a BigAgnes Encampment 15 to be light enough than it is SUPER roomy. I'm a big fat guy and there is plenty of room for me to roll over in it. Coupled with their Aircore pad and you have a great bag for a good price. The combined weight of the two is right at 4# 13 oz.

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    Go to I purchased a Wiggy's bag a year and a half a go and I have been very impressed with it. I have had a Cat's Meow, Mountain Hardware, Marmot and Slumberjack bags in the past. This new Wiggy's Ultralight I have is the best bag I have owned, to date. One of the great things is that you can leave it stuffed without fear of it losing its loft. It also keeps you warm when it is wet, as Wiggy's claims. I personally, am partial to mummies, but it looks like Wiggy's has a good selection of rectangular bags-of which my wife is partial to. I believe they will also build you a custom bag. I like it so much, I fully intend on getting the overbag system and phasing out my Dark Star bag for my winter endeavors. Hope this helps you out!

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    Default Montbell

    For anyone interested in "putting your hands on one" I ended up with a Montbell Ultra Lite Supper Stretch Down Hugger #1 this year. I am 6'3" 250 and it is awesome! We had some miserable tent time sheep hunting this year and it kept me more than warm enough sleeping at 4800 feet above the glaciers. Plenty of room to roll inside the bag. I did crawl in it damp a few times and woke up dry. I am careful to keep it dry since everyone is so deathly afraid of down, but that is also a good reason to use a quality tent.

    Mike- We need to get together this winter and go thru our gear. I think we both could get some good ideas from each other. Don't buy a bag until you try mine.

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    Default I second wiggys

    at 6'3" 220 I agree wiggies is the best one I have owned, I have the overbag system which is essentially 2 bags in one. The wifes bag got wet last camping trip so I slep in the over bag, and she took the inner bag, and everything worked just fine. go down and give them a look, it can't hurt

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    Default Sounds like...

    I will wait and try out different bags until I find the one that is right! Thanks for the help guys!


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