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Thread: Julius Creek Sep 17th

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    Default Julius Creek Sep 17th

    My dad, wife, dog, and I headed to Julius creek for a day of Coho fishing. The fall colors were abundant as the falling leaves danced on the ground with the wind swirls. The sweet smell of fall filled our noses as we walked down the trail to Julius creek. I was hoping my Dad would land his first ever salmon. Last year my dad had hooked a few Cohos but never landed one.

    After a nice 45 minute walk to the coho holding area the anticipation of the fish being in the hole was upon us. It took a few minutes for my eyes to adjust but the bright red flashes of cohos was apparent. we fished the hole for a couple hours but the cohos wanted nothing to do with egg sucking leaches and pink ladies. Finally after a couple hours a beautiful coho decided my purple egg sucking leach was a nuisance and I had a fish on. I landed the fish and my dad had a couple hits on his leach but none landed.

    Shortly after my coho was returned to the sparkling, cool, clear water of Julius Creek the cohos decided it was time to move upstream continuing their life-cycle and every fish in the hole moved upstream with the whip of the tail. The hole was now empty and we packed our things and began the beautiful walk back to the truck.

    A great day of fishing and time spent with loved ones. I love that little hole on Julius Creek. All distractions of every day life are non existant. Julius Creek is a little slice of heaven.

    I did my best to clean the trail into Julius Creek last year. The slobs have thrown trash along the trail again this year. if you make it down to Julius, take a trash bag with you and help keep Julius Creek a pristine place.
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