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Thread: need advice on 7-08 purchase

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    Default need advice on 7-08 purchase

    Hi my name is Mike,
    I have outdoorsaholism, as a child I grew up hunting and fishing in the backcountry of Arizona then after introducing a wonderful bride into my life with her help I was able to get it under control. But after 3 decades of not getting outdoors and staying all stifled indoors I couldn't just couldn't take it any longer-- I slipped. I spent 3 weeks
    camping in the "Great Land" that put me over the edge. It's out of control now, I bought a magellen GPS device, I ordered BLM and National Forest maps, I have been shooting a 9mm S&W *just for fun* I even bought an annual pass to the National Forest here where I live, I find myself in the bush, testing the accuracy of the Magellan and scouting for signs of wildlife, fortunately I usually regain my wits and get back indoors and to my computer work station, before too much wreckage has been made of my life indoors. However, my mind is full of ultralight backpacking equipment, tacsol barrel for a new Buckmark, ballistic coefficients, dreams of chasing next years Salmon runs and the Wrangels in the horizon, teaching my son to spot while I shoot and vice versa. How bad can this get. Now for the disturbing news-- General deer season opens in a month here, yes my fellow outdoorsaholics you know the rest of the story and I have the money for huh a deer rifle. Can you help me please, when you help me you help yourself.

    I need comments from 7-08 shooters, pros and cons of the different models. I like to walk way back into the bush so would like a full size light model, out of box quarter driller of course, I know nothing of optics, but fully expect to shoot out to 250 yrds in the lowlight of dawn.
    Would prefer if possible a box magazine and an action that I could slide one round (single shot) at a time if forced to. I have $1,500.00 budget for rifle,sling, scope, aaaand a reloading outfit leaning towards the Hornady outfit. I even have thoughts of a lightweight stock as I do like light. I know I will be fine and my life will recover once I have this stuff and my son and I have sat a ridge or two.
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    You will have no trouble finding what you want and with caution have money left over for snacks as you and your son set on the side of the mountain, roll rocks etc.

    I would look around on the gun auction web sites and go used. You would be surpriced at what is out there in he used market in a lightweight used market in 7mm-08. I don't think you could find one that is shot out.

    You will find that the most seen will be Remington 700's but that is a good chose. Optics. First off I hope you have good binos and don't use a rifle scope for "looking around". A 3X9 will do all you need in your neck of the manzanita. I get a lot of guff on this site in my recommendation of Sightron, but I'm to old to care. Careful shoping on the net it get you a good deal for these great scopes.
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    Default maybe 2k for exception gear

    could stretch budget to maybe 2k for exception gear. Appreciate any info thanks. Difference between the 20, 22 and 24 inch barrels worth noting, certianly want to get as much distance out of it as I can.

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    Default 7-08

    hi, this won't take your breath away but this is a normal group from my remington titanium in 7-08 @ 100yds from a bench. no fancy stuff...just shooting over sandbags. i am using a 1.5-5 leupold and standard remington 140gr loads.

    i recommend it!
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    Default 7mm-08, excellent choice for deer!

    You picked one of my favorite rounds. 7mm-08 is very efficient, easy to load for, and an awesome selection of component bullets out there to play with to find that pet load!

    Nothing at all wrong with Big Alís advice. I agree with him on not having to worry about a shot out barrel. It is not a hot throat eroding round, and bottom line, most folks just plain donít shoot much. The majority of casual hunters donít fire a box a year through their centerfire rifle(s).

    I really like the Kimber Montana. You wonít find a lighter production rifle, stainless, good lightweight stock, and controlled round feed, three position safety. I have a Kimber Montana in 7mm-08 running Talley lightweight mounts and a Leupold 2.5-8 scope. You donít need anymore scope than that, and it really fits the rifle well. Overall super light package. Barrel length is 22 inches.

    Downsides is no removable magazine like you asked for, the Montana has a blind magazine, towards the top end of your budget, and no accuracy guarantee. Most of them will shoot three shots MOA or better with tuned handloads. Iíve had three of them in 7mm-08 and the worst shooting one shot 1.75Ē three shot groups average with handloads and 3Ē average with factory ammo. That one is gone now. The other two shoot a good many handloads three shots in an inch or under. The barrel heats quick, three is about all you can shoot before letting it cool down and keep a tight group.

    Tikka T3 Lite is guaranteed to shoot three in an inch and is a good bit cheaper than the Kimber. It is push feed, like the Remington 700 Big Al referenced. It has the removable magazine like you want, stainless and synthetic stock with 22 inch barrel. Iíve got a T3 Lite in 270 Winchester and it does what itís supposed to. They come with so so (in my opinion) rings/mounts. I recommend the Talley lightweights again. I tried the factory rings/mounts and switched to the Talleys with no regrets.

    I like the Tikka, but personally, I like the features, balance and feel of the Kimber. To me it points better, I can go from port arms to locked on the kill zone of a deer or whatever in a smooth motion, it just feels right! Go to your favorite store and handle them both, see what you think.

    7mm-08 is such a great deer cartridge. No need for high dollar bullets, but they will work great if you want to use them. Iíve seen no real difference in killing deer with plain old cup and core bullets versus the high dollar choices. Iíve had great luck with Hornady 139 grain SP and SSTís. 140 grain Nosler Accubond, 150 grain Nosler ballistic tips and partitions, 150 grain Winchester power points. These were all component bullets loaded as handloads. Great results on deer and coyotes. Iíve steered away from anything heavier than the 150ís for deer, just not necessary.

    Check out the reloading forum here and you can get lots of good info from looking at the archives on getting set up with your equipment. Lots of good information there.

    The 139 SSTís open up quite violently. If you take shots that miss the meat I highly recommend them. Iíve shot several coyotes center of mass with them and honestly they worked like a varmint bullet.

    For factory ammo I found two standouts: Federal Fusion 140 grain was good price and great accuracy. Hornady light mag 139 grain SST was accurate and smoking fast! It was in 270 Winchester territory through the chrony. I donít have my load books in front of me, but it was impressive. I bought one box of cheap green box Remington and they shot very accurate too.

    Good luck, you won't be disappointed in your choice of 7mm-08 for deer.

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    I don't know how it compares for weight, but for quality, and best stock design, I'd go with the Weatherby Vanguard.

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    Default Vanguards

    The Vanguards are nice, and a good value for sure. They come with the 1 1/2" three shot guarantee. The standard has 24 inch barrel, and the compact is 20". They are a push feed type, Howa action. No removable mag, drop floorplate. They are a wee bit on the heavy side in my opinion when looking for a lightweight hunting setup.

    The stock design on the ones I've seen is the high comb Monte Carlo style that made Weatherby famous. You either love 'em or hate 'em. You'll know when you shoulder it.

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    Mike, welcome to the site. Also, come join the banter over here;

    7-08 is a great caliber, but has it's limitations on really large game. I shot a 700 in Hi Power Silhouette for years, twice a month.
    If you want light take a look at Tikks's T-3 Lite. I bought one last month at Bass Pro in Mesa for just under $500 in 308.
    Just because I wanted a lighter rifle then my Rem 700 in 7 Mag, which is my "go-to" gun.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Smitty of the North View Post
    I don't know how it compares for weight, but for quality, and best stock design, I'd go with the Weatherby Vanguard.

    Smitty of the North
    I like the Vanguard as well. We bought the package that came with both a youth and adult-sized stock for my son and really like it.
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    Default Kimber

    +1 for the Kimber in 7mm-08. Mine weighs about 6 1/4 pounds with a sling, scope, and belly full of bullets. It's really a delight to carry a gun this light and well balanced, and in 7-08 the recoil is still not a problem. As pointed out the Tikka is a good gun and a fantastic value at about $500, but since I was looking for a Dall sheep rifle weight was most important to me. The Tikka also has a nicer action (IMO) and a Kevlar stock. I guess it depends on how fancy you care to get, and whether you are willing to spend an extra $500 for lighter weight and a few other upgrades.

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    Default Remington 700 Synthetic

    I purchased a Remington 700 synthetic youth model in a 7-08 for my wife last summer. I have taken it out a few times looking for caribou and wolf and really enjoy carrying it. It has a Leopold VX-II scope on it and it's very acurate while being very light. The recoil is light enough that she was at the range with it while 7 months pregnant. I have confidence it will take anything moose size and smaller and that is what she uses it for.


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    Default I bought the t3 lite and zeiss glass

    I appreciate all the comments, came down to Savage or T3 I found a T3 lite available new and 3x9 x40 Zeiss so I am all hooked up.


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