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Thread: A Tree stole my fly Pole

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    Default A Tree stole my fly Pole

    I think this is a long shot but what the heck. I took some friends out fishing Saturday on the upper Kenai. I was at the oars and had my rod leaning against the side of the boat. We were about half way between Sportsmans landing and Jims landing. I was watching the river when I heard a splash next to the boat and turned to see my pole hung up on a tree it stayed above water for 20-30 seconds before the line came off and it went under. So if anyone finds a Cabela's stowaway 7 5wt with an okuma real please let me know.

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    Default Feel your pain....

    Same thing happened to me but it was Sheep Creek ate my new fishing pole!!! Just got my new Shimano rod and son kept saying he wanted to try it out. He was fishing and fishing then I hear OH SH**. He is only 9... There he was standing there in the water holding nothing but the end of the pole with the spinning reel. I reeled in and it just stopped. Waded out as far as I could, only 5' 3" so it wasn't that far grabbed line and and dugged and dugged. Walked up and down then SNAP. I guess I was so excited to be fishing I didn't put the pole together tight enough.

    We laugh now, but then it wasn't a pretty picture. A lot more than OH SH** coming out of mom's mouth


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