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Thread: When do ANC leagues start?

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    Default When do ANC leagues start?

    New in town and looking to shoot a winter league with the wife and fun people.....

    What are the archery shops in town that host leagues? I really enjoy shooting Dart type leagues and also 3-d - - not super fun shooting dots for me.

    Any info would be great - and I will google and call around also.

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    Default Archer's Den

    I'll step in for Paul (Archer's Den) here, and he can add details later. Paul is just getting back after a bear hunt (I think he planned on having Archer's Den open again today...), and last I heard he was planning on nailing down a league schedule by the end of September and starting leagues in October. He will have a spot league and a 3D league for sure, and maybe (a) seperate league(s) for women and kids. I'm pretty sure once Paul gets a schedule set he'll post it here, but you can always call Archer's Den for more info.

    Not sure about Backcountry Archery. That's the only other indoor range in Anchorage, although I did hear that Northwest Archers was offered the use of the waxing building at Kincaid to use for an indoor range. I wasn't able to make the meeting, and so I don't know what happened with that. I do know that whether a lot of these opportunities get seized depends on whether there is someone willing to step up and run them.

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    I really need to get over to the archers den and get back to shooting and get the dl on these leagues. Like to get some shooting in before we leave in feb to the other sandbox...


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