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Thread: Recap of 2008 catch

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    Default Recap of 2008 catch

    So what all did ya catch this year???

    As for me...

    10-20 rockfish.. mostly small ones.
    20+ small cod
    20+ fresh pinks (cast after cast, most fun)
    3 undersized lings
    about 10 starfish
    6 silvers
    and also managed to catch a large peice of rebar with net attached and a starfish inside the net... thought it was gonna be a nice big something... poorly mistaken

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    Oh and also caught around 5 stocked trout.. cant leave em out

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    Rockfish-70+ (alot in the 10lb. range)
    Silvers-80+ (just a few in the 15lb. range)
    Cod-20+ (many over 10lbs.)
    Lake trout-40+ (mostly small)
    Rainbows-1/2 dozen (mostly small)
    Lings-10 (only one over 35"s)
    Arrow tooth flounder-8
    Misc bottom dwellers-30+

    That`s most of it off the top of my head.

    Not done yet but have slowed it down a bit cause of a motor failure.

    Glad to hear you managed more time on the water this year.

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    Default only had time

    for fishing ship creek this year so far.
    kings : 9
    silvers : 60+
    pinks : 15+
    chum : 5
    bows : 4

    all were hooked and landed between the cable and rr trussell.
    these counts do not include fish hooked but not landed.

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    Default wow

    you must have spent quite a lot of time on Ship to log that many landed fish.

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    Didn't do great this year, but this is what I got:

    4 kings, all at Ship Creek
    20 silvers (so far...I'm not done trying yet)
    1 pink
    1 chum
    1 skate
    5 halibut (none over 25 lbs., one day of fishing out of Whittier)
    12 or so reds
    150 lbs. of hooligan

    And that's it. Made way too many dipnetting trips to have gotten that few reds. The cost per pound ended up being somewhat astronomical. Kept hoping I'd hit a big surge at the Kenai but never did time it right. Come January we're going to be out of fish. I was counting on more silvers, too. Got a surplus of hooligan, though, so my wife is happy about that.

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    Counts only include fair-hooked and landed fish.

    Kings: 0
    Silvers: 2
    Pinks: 5
    Dogs: 3
    Reds: ~23

    Didn't get out this year near as much as I'd liked, missed the entire second run of reds

    Nurse by night, Alaska adventurer by day!

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    Default Mainly Reds

    39 Reds (Kenai 38 / Kasilof 1) - flyfishing
    3 silvers (Kenai)
    6 stocker bows (float tubing)
    4 kenai rainbows
    12+ kenai dolly's
    2 halibut
    1 dogfish
    1 grey cod
    1 small ling cod
    pinks, pinks, and more pinks
    1 spinning rod and reel (my buddy's wife dropped it in the river about 10 minutes prior to me fishing it out)

    As for species variety:
    .... my Dad caught 1 cell phone in the Kenai.

    probably a somewhat "below average" year on the sockeye, but hey, where else in the world can you put 39 tasty salmon in the freezer on an "off year". Man I love Alaska!!

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    Default Summer totals

    Halibut - 80 to 90 with several at 50 lbs +
    Lings-3 (only one over 35"s)
    Irish Lords - 2
    Wolf Eel - 1
    Skates - 4 (2 great big ones)
    Unknown - 1 - that snapped 150 # line AND KEPT GOING

    Ate way too much salmon as a kid and avoid them now ......

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    Default Only out 4 times

    Early season about 25 rock, it was to rough for my boat to go out further
    2 or 3 of some wierd Greenling that did something to my friends freezer :P
    Aug 4 Butts 40-70lbs about 20 chickens let go
    2 silvers
    2 pinks and they are not as bad as people say if you BBQ with some Montreal steak seasoning.
    I wish I didnt work so much I would be out at least once a week.
    1 Monster skate with hopes of Halibut
    Last edited by AK_SteveO; 09-23-2008 at 11:48. Reason: Forgot a few

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    Default This year's damage:

    Pinks - 3 or 4 out of Valdez
    Dolly Varden - 1, my first ever!
    Grayling -1, also my first ever!

    Lost my biggest king ever ~40 lbs right at my feet on the Talkeetna...landed 2 others, 18-22 lbs which I released.

    ...and in one day out of Seward, I caught

    8 halibut, kept the biggest 2, around 30 lbs.
    2 black rockfish, including one that was around 7-8 lbs, biggest one I've ever seen let alone big do they get?
    1 yelloweye
    2 silvers

    Not a bad day, despite the weather.

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    Default My boat

    Took in:

    Over 200 silvers
    7 ling
    20+ rock fish
    3 yellow eye
    too many pinks, sent back home
    1000+ shrimp
    2 octupus
    5 reds
    40+ hButt
    2003 220 Hewescraft Sea Runner 115 Yam'y, Soft Top "Schmidt Happens"

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    Default It's been a great summer

    halibut: 45, including one @130lb
    silvers: 26
    pinks: 11
    lings: 10 (only 1 over 35")
    kings: 2
    rock fish: 30
    yellow eye: 10
    pacific cod: 14
    reds: 32
    pike: 14
    skate: 4
    irish lord: 5
    arrowtooth flounder: 1
    shrimp: ~1200
    octopus: 1
    starfish: 3
    hooligan: couple of dinners' worth
    some lake trout
    time off & unforgettable memories with family and friends: priceless

    Intend to do better next season!

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    Halibut 100+
    Lings 40+
    Skate- 2 (way to many)
    Pinks- 25
    Kings-3 Feeders
    Reds- 12
    Black Bass-35
    Arrowtooth- 1
    Other Rockfish-25
    Living the Alaskan Dream
    Gary Keller
    Anchorage, AK

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    0 Kings
    60 - 80 Silvers
    10 Copper Rockfish (all caught in shallow water and released)
    8 Pike from Nancy lake (all killed and thrown back)
    A couple of 5" whatevers that hit lures the same size they were
    1 starfish that refused to let go of a Berkly Gulp fake fish
    Enough seagrass and weeds to fill the boat several times over

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    29 - great days on my local favorite creek
    19 - good times with fishin' buddies on another river
    23 - fun days on other creeks in the area
    14 - days of nonstop king fishin' with a bunch of friends and family this spring
    7 - Awesome days floating on the Kenai
    52 - very happy clients for the year, smiles all around
    7 - fun day-trips in the jet-boat to little creeks in the area
    11 - more killer day trips in the big boat
    8 - day trips in the float plane to seldom-seen rivers
    0 - gear problems or bad days, and
    0 - skunks.

    Never occurred to me to count the fish I was catchin'...I was having too much fun.

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    Default Boat & Bank

    60-70 Silvers including 1 17#
    40-50 Halibut 15#-40# nothing big this year
    To many pinks all released
    6 Yelloweye
    20-30 other rockfish
    1 Dogfish
    1 Skate
    8 Lingcod 1 Legal @ 40"
    Around 6 Arrowtooth Flounder
    6 Pacific Cod

    2 kings
    6 Silvers
    25-30 Rainbows including 1 @ 30"
    4 Grayling
    27 Steelhead
    2 Dollies

    I will update this list when the fishing season is over Dec. 31st

    Brought to you by the XFL ( Xanfly Fishing League )

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    Lets see, a bunch of dollies, quite a few rainbows, a bunch of nice cutthroat, 1500 sockeye, couple silvers, couple humpys, a handful of grayling, a lamprey... Fishing Season's not over yet.

    not too bad..
    I choose to fly fish, not because its easy, but because its hard.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Maast View Post
    8 Pike from Nancy lake (all killed and thrown back)
    Yo that's illegal...
    I choose to fly fish, not because its easy, but because its hard.

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    Originally Posted by Maast
    8 Pike from Nancy lake (all killed and thrown back)

    Yo that's illegal...

    You're right, I was under the mistaken understanding that pike were the exception to the wasting fish rule, and fishermen were in fact encouraged to kill as many of the nasty, invasive, trout-and-salmonfry-eating buggers as possible.

    When I saw your answer I went to AF&G web site and couldnt find an exception to the wasting rule, even for pike. Which is a dang shame, I really hate those things.

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