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Thread: 20 Mile/Glacier River Bear Strategies

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    Default 20 Mile/Glacier River Bear Strategies

    Anyone have basic recommendations for hunting these rivers for bears at this time of year? Are the bears down low feeding on the few remaining (now skanked up) salmon or are they up the hillsides eating berries? I really enjoy running these rivers in my jonboat and would like to take a bear in the process. I found a lot of older bear sign down low this last weekend - nothing that looked real fresh. Didn't see any bears up high either.


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    Not very many bears in this area. I've hunted it many times and haven't had any luck with it. Most of the bears are up high and far in. Get your hiking shoes on.

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    Default 20-mile headwaters

    Was up in the headwaters of the 20-mile last year this time. Lots of blackies if you are willing to do some hiking as stated by eagleriver24. They were all gorging themselves on the endless berries on the hillsides. Its no lie about the long hike though!!


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