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Thread: Big Fish beatdown - true facts!

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    Default Big Fish beatdown - true facts!

    OK, I'm convinced by some credible posts that one time, some 35-odd years ago, a poor guy out of Pburg literally got beat to death by a halibut. I'd like to hope that it was just a freak accident - that halibut don't break bones with any regularity - and that most of the warnings - which tend to infer that the break-a-leg stuff is quite common - are merely wild exaggerations.

    But in that thread there were some pretty good stories of mad moments on deck with big fish, so how's about a thread dedicated to some of those tales? All in the name of fun, of course.

    I'll start: Mexico; Sea of Cortez. A wild day with an incredible sailfish bite going on. My buddy and I have released - no kidding - 11 fish by mid-day, with several other raised fish. Each released fish is handled by 2 crewmen: one guy grabs the fish's bill; the other reaches down with pliers to pop off the hook. They're in the process of releasing another nice sailfish when it gives a huge shake of its head, swiping the point of the bill across the mate's cheek. He stands up white, shaking, and sick-looking...Oh man, lucky, lucky - it's only a very minor 4-inch scratch. We can only imagine what it would have looked like if the fish's bill had dug an inch deeper...

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    My buddy in Anchor Point was halibut fishing with me and we gaffed about a 30-40 halibut and threw it in the marine cooler, before I could slam the lid down on it, if flexed it's body and came flying out of the cooler and whacked my buddy right in the groin!!!!!!!!! I thought the lead jig in it's mouth hit him, but it was the fish tail that got him. I laughed my Butt off at him Lots of guys get hooks in their hands trying to be nice letting fish go as well.

    I witnessed a guy on a river once catch a nice rainbow and he had treble hooks on some type of rapala or spoon and was trying to gently release his fish when it started thrashing around and hooked his hand/finger badly on both treble hooks. He ended up bashing the rainbows head in so it would quit moving ending his pain!!!!!!!!!!!
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