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Thread: Snowshoe recommendations

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    Default Snowshoe recommendations

    I am planning a purchasing snowshoes soon and not looking to spend > $100. I would be using them primarily for hunting and backcountry shoeing (don't plan on any serious climbs or ascents). The military surplus and MSR shoes intrigue me b/c the appear very sturdy. I would appreciate any feedback or experience.
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    Where are you planning to use them? Snow type will have an effect on what type of shoe you use. If you are in arreas of extreme low temps with lots of dry snow, you'll need a bigger shoe to stay afloat.

    I know its outside of your price range, but I love the pair of atlas shoeshows I've had for over 12 years.

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    I've had a pair of Sportsman Warehouse cheapies (about $80) for three years and have gotten great service from them. Snow and terrain type have a lot to do with what you'll want.

    In the Interior size a little big due to the dry powder, if you'll be doing a lot of climbing/ hills consider a smaller shoe with crampons and serrated edges. Also consider the weight you'll be carrying as well.

    My 9x36 shoes do well on the deep dry powder in the Interior with lots of flotation. On hilly terrain they're pretty hard to deal with. For a few more bucks look at the Denali Ascent with the removable tails for powder or hills. (probably my next set).

    Hunting with snowshoes and a pulk sled is pretty cool in my opinion...

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    i just upgraded to MSR denali evo ascent. those or the denali ascents. versatile in that you can go from a 22 in shoe to a 28 or 30 inch one. cost is 180-200 a pair new. try to search for a used pair. i have tubbs 30 in shoes, but i found that on hilly terrain, at times i needed to take off my shoes on ridges, etc, where the snow is blown completely off, or on the approach hike in, where you don't need shoes, the msrs will fit or strap to my pack better with 22 in size vs the big 30 in shoes on the outside. good luck

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    Default Bigfoot Snowshoes

    You could check Bigfoot snowshoes from Canada.

    I think the 9" x 30" are $99 CDN (or about $80 US)

    Good, Strong, Fairly Light.

    Probably not as good as Atlas 12, but not two hundred and sixty bucks.

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    Default Internet

    Go to the internet and look for showshoe sales. My wife and I picked up a pair each of pricey snowshoes for cheap and there's always sales on them somewhere. You can do all kind of research to to help you figure out what type you want, what features, etc. Remember, snowshoe weight is a huge consideration and the military ones I ever looked at were a lot heavier than what's available elsewhere.



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