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Thread: Ron's Honda refused to service my Honda's on my Kingfisher 2525

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    Default Ron's Honda refused to service my Honda's on my Kingfisher 2525

    I could not believe it, Ron's Honda in Soldotna refused to service my Honda's on my Harbercraft Kingfisher 2525. I just wanted to have the engines winterized and I was told that they wouldn't service the engines because they were on a Harbercraft Kingfisher boat.

    Apparently Ron's Honda lost nearly $20k (so I was told) when Harbercraft and Ron's Honda had some falling out. The bad thing is I just bought a new 2008 50 hp motor from Ron's Honda for my Kenai River boat. If I only knew that, I wouldn't have boat that motor from them.

    Any other Harbercraft/Jetcraft owners experience a refusal to service their Honda on a Harbercraft?

    I filed a complaint with Honda but they said the dealers are not franchised so they could refuse to service my motors. What else could a guy do? As a consumer shouldn't have to be punished because of a falling out between the two companies.

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    Did you buy the boat from them as well? Seems to me that a $90k ish boat no matter what ought to have some pull with the dealer they bought the boat combo from... whether or not the manufacturer and the dealer relationships went to hell the dealer ought to have some allegiance to the original buyer.

    What about if you bought the boat elsewhere and later had it repowered with a Honda (you bought from Ron's) they still wouldn't service it? Ie would Ron's have even put a Honda on the boat. I do know that some dealers won't put on or touch an outboard if it is larger than the USCG HP rating sticker says it is.

    I don't know the whole story but perhaps you or the person you bought the boat from was a cause of the falling out between Harbercraft and Ron's (warranty stuff)... I do know that Harbercraft dealers all over have shifted around a bit.

    Sorry to hear the problems I have only contacted Ron's over the phone about Stabicraft boats and they have seemed like a good outfit.

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    Default representative

    Ron is a representative of Honda and as such should service all Honda motors. I would look at taking Honda to court.

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    From the responses, I think there are two issues being confused.

    Standard boiler plate dealer agreement with a outboard manufacturer says the dealer agrees to service ANY engine bought at his dealer or not, BUT this relates to WARRANTY WORK only because the manufacturer is paying the dealer. A dealer (just like any business owner) has the right to refuse to work on the engine for a customer pay job if he wants to.

    But NO, you shouldn't be punished for dealer/manufacturer problems. The reason given seems petty. Honda IS still correct in their statement. And finally, refusing service generally just shines poorly on the dealer.

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    Somehow I'd be real leary about using the courts or Honda to force the dealer to service your engine. I can understand the frustration if there are no local honda dealers. But, it's better then taking to boat into a shop that has a vendetta (how ever petty) against your build of boat while tooling on the engine.

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    Default Ron's

    Ron's Honda never sold the Kingfisher boats. I know, because when I was shopping for mine, they told me Harbercraft only let them sell the smaller boats, as AMDS had the Alaska franchise. I definately would have bought local given the chance. That Anchorage store will NEVER see my boat again. The weekend after I pulled it off the lot new, I had to learn fast how to wire it right, rig it right, etc etc. I wish I could have either bought at Ron's, or bought it in the box and assembled it myself.
    That said, I've had my Kingfisher 2525 to Ron's a couple times for service and updates. Though a little him-haw at first, we now have a good relationship. I've since bought my 20 and 2 hp motors there, and I get my parts there.

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    Default Ron's is next

    My 2825 is done in Anchorage as well as Seward so Ron's is next. If they refuse it is off to Homer I go. Have already had people work on the boat that are not motivated and it accomplished nothing as Paul H states. Would think Ron's would look at the future and service the motors as his business stands to expand from folks making the trip to him from the north. Nothing catches passing motorist eyes like ocean boats parked in the yard, mounted up Hondas being a plus IMO.

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    I had my new boat with Hondas on it serviced at Storm Chasers in Seward this year. I felt I was treated good, got great service and all at a price lower than I expected. My boat was not purchased through them, but they had no issues with that. I will continue to use them until they give me a reason not to. Perhaps they would do you well too. Give them a try, or simply winterize it yourself.

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