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Thread: Ak Hunting News: Groups, Retailer Help Burned Out Village Hunters

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    Arrow Ak Hunting News: Groups, Retailer Help Burned Out Village Hunters

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    Hooper Bay hunters, whose village was burned out by a fire in August, are receiving help from other Alaska hunters, according to KTVA News in Anchorage. In addition to Salvation Army and Red Cross, NRA Alaska, the Alaska Hunter Heritage Foundation, and Safari Club International are helping with hunting equipment.

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    Default I just read this story...

    am must say that, as an Alaskan Native, that has seen all the Anti-subsistance stance that some groups have shown in the past, such as the AOC, & the ABA, that the groups groups mentioned in the news story have my support, in particular, Sportsman's Warehouse! I am truely humbled...


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