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Thread: My to short hunt and a caribou.....

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    Smile My to short hunt and a caribou.....

    My son-in-law and I did not find a legal bull moose. I shot a small bull caribou on the 15th and it should provide some good eats for us this winter. We still have some of that Koyukuk moose left from last year and a bunch of fish. I banged up my shin bone a couple of hours before we hit the trail. Still hurts, my own stupid fault. Lost the breaks on the 6-wheeler that does not have the engine breaking system on it. Yeehaw! My 6-wheeler acted like it was going to die and lost power a few times. That sucked. There was more grizzly crap then I have ever seen there, did not see a bear. Lets talk about the wind and rain. Could not sleep, thought I was going to have to drive a machine into the tent to keep it from leaving it was blowing so hard. Someone was in the camp sight I established years ago. They probably burned up all the fire wood we left there. Had a hard time keeping the meat dry so we finally weighed everything out and came home. We had fun and had a safe trip. It is good to be home with the family.

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    Sounded like a nightmare, lol. Better than staying home and being miserable though not being able to hunt and be outdoors.
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    Default Sounds tough

    My hunt was wetter than you would like as well. Sounds like you made the best of it and probably a smart decesion. Glad to hear that you had some sucess.


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