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Thread: No moose this year

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    Default No moose this year

    Well this season was a bust. Had a nice trip all planned out but my work schedule changed and we had to scrap the trip and settle for a couple weekend hunts instead.

    Spent a couple weekends in the Pt. Mac area. Saw nothing the first weekend and yesterday we saw a bull first thing in the morning, but he was too far away to see how many tines he was sporting. I saw two for sure, but could not tell if he had three.

    Tried calling him in and he started to circle the lake headed toward us, but some other hunters in loud ATV's went screaming by a nearby side road and spooked him into the brush where we lost him. The ATV drivers passed within 100 yards of the bull and never knew he was there.

    Ended the day with a grouse and a steak dinner at the diner out there before coming home.

    My father in law on the other hand, managed to go on that moose hunting trip I had to drop out of and got himself a nice big bull the first day. Knew I was making a mistake by not taking some vacation time druing hunting season this year.
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    ^^Exactly, better plan for next year.
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