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Thread: GPS for dummies and software

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    Default GPS for dummies and software

    So I need a new GPS, which is a another topic. But I would like to combine that with some software. I am new to this. I would like to track routes and print maps and such.

    What software would be best? What do you like?

    I also want a GPS that I can do some tracking?

    I had a GEKO 301, which I could only see my coordinates, no map of where I was...I'd like a GPS that I can load areas of Alaska onto.

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    Default Garmin 60 CSx

    I would go with the Garmin 60 CSX. You want a GPS that has an electronic compass built in so that you get heading when standing still. Also the map features of the Garmin are pretty good. Combine all this with the Garmin Topo maps software, or bluecharts for marine applications and you have a winning combo. Also the National Geographic Topo maps program is well worth getting. I am able to bring routes off the GPS and put them on. The National Geographic is a much better map software than the Garmin Topo software, but you need the Garmin software to load the maps. Of course you could just buy the Alaska Topo card for the Garmin and have all the maps loaded for the entires state on the one card. Either way I this combo works well for me. Highly recommended.


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