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Thread: Whittier report for last Fri. through today (Sun.)

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    Default Whittier report for last Fri. through today (Sun.)

    Arrived at Whittier around 1 pm Friday. East ramp is all torn out and lots of gravel and rocks stockpiled near the top of the ramp for whatever it is that's being done to the ramp.

    Launched at west ramp. One skiff coming in a said caught 4 silvers and lost another two while fishing "somewhere close by".

    Arrived Naked Island mid-afternoon Friday. Fished south side and caught a few rock fish. Overnighted in Bass Harbor. Forecast for PWS for Saturday is 2 ft. Plan for Saturday is to head to Montague for halibut or lings or whatever will bite.

    Wind picks up late Saturday night. Rains hard. Now the 4AM forecast calls for 3 ft. seas in PWS. Head toward Montague (22-ft C-dory). Not bad, but building. Wind from NW. Get half way to Montague and turn around because of 3-5 ft. seas. Head toward Culross Passage.

    Troll for silvers south end and north end of Culross Passage. Nothing. Troll at Pigot Point. Two other boats doing the same. Nothing.

    Saturday night in Shotgun cove. Troll this morning from Shotgun cove all the way past Whittier to head of Passage Canal. Caught one undersized ling. Other than that, nada, zip. Two people fishing in Smitty's Cove, but didn't see any fish on shore. Saw no one else fishing from shore, no one fishing in the harbor. Hauled out boat and got some coffee by the east ramp about 3 hours before they were closing for the season.

    Coffee shop guy said he'd seen a fish here and there on his sounder, around 50 ft.

    The City Manager was in the coffee place saying his goodbyes. Either quit or got fired, I guess.

    No silvers, but at least I tried and glad I went. Time to winterize and tarp.

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    Default I did get a few of these

    This was the largest one.
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    Default Limited out on halibut

    Went out early Sat morning, flat seas, saw a couple other boats head out. Trolled for silvers near Main bay - nothing. Anchored up by Knight island and immideately got onto fish. Spent the night in the Squirrel island cove and caught a few more butts the next morning. Caught 12 halibut (largest was 37lb) with 3 people fishing, 7 rock fish, small ling and an arrowtooth flounder. On the way back got into some 4-5 ft seas by the Main bay, but it was calm from the Culross all the way through Whittier. Was surprised not to see more boats coming in Sun evening.
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