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    Just got a Burris scope. no reticle focus lock (posilock on burris scopes). didn't even think about of course until after i bought the scope. my first rifle scope (outside of .22), will be on a .270 win. how important is the reticle focus lock? thanks for any info

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    Burris uses double springs on their non Posilock scopes. Even Leupold just uses single springs. You shouldn't need it on a .270. The Posilock helps the scope hold zero. I understand it works very well. I have a USA made Fullfield II without Posilock on my .270 that I really like.

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    The Posi-lock works really well on the vicious kickers. On a 270 it shouldn't be an issue.

    I have a 300 WSM with a Burris and if I'm doing a lot of adjustment I'll leave it off (loose) and the springs hold zero just fine.


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